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Hey there! I'm Dariush and I'm an animation screenwriter. I studied for a Bachelor's degree in Film at Middlesex University where I studied filmmaking and theory as well as screenwriting and applied the techniques I have learned in writing for animation. 

I recently wrote 12x10 episodes on the hit YouTube preschool TV series, Leo The Wildlife Ranger at Omens Studios, crafting stories on kids learning about animals and going on fun adventures.

I'm also writing on an upcoming fantasy-mystery adventure series, Secrets of Grandelva, for Lava Moon Studios.

During my free time, I like to work on creating stories of my own, follow what goes on in the animation industry, and work on my craft as a storyteller. My inspirations are Gravity Falls, Amphibia, Amazing World of Gumball, and many more modern cartoons! I believe that animation is the most creative and collaborative medium in storytelling hence why I love working on animation projects.

Currently a member of

- Rising Animators Den Network

- Asians In Animation

- Rise Up Animation and

- British Animation Scene.

Got a creative project in mind? Contact me and let's work together!

Contact me!

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